Caring for the holistic wellbeing of employees (both at and away from work) is now a critical business requirement – and it makes good business sense.

With an increasingly aging workforce, the promotion of employee health will keep your experienced and knowledgeable workforce engaged for longer. Organisations that invest in wellbeing initiatives report benefits beyond financial gains of reductions in absenteeism and workers compensation claims, there is also evidence of increased staff engagement and higher retention of quality staff.

We use extensive academic and corporate research to create stimulating initiatives that encompass the many facets that make up a well being. To achieve this, we develop organisational-wide awareness and skill around how to enhance employees’ physical and mental health, their intellectual stimulation, and their social connections

Wellbeing Fact 1

Effective health and wellbeing programs increase employee engagement, creativity and innovation by up to

Wellbeing Fact 2

suicides in Australia per year


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